Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s hike started at the Wagner Trailhead.  We hiked Wagner to Granite, turned left on Granite, and then hiked up the wash paralleling the Bluff Trail until we got to Pemberton. From there we hiked a short ways on Pemberton, hiked down Bluff, turned left on Granite, and returned on Wagner.

We had a fairly large group.  This is a view from the Granite Trail (I think):

20131227-DSC01205-Edit-mediumIt was a chilly morning (for Arizona).  Some of us shed some layers just before scrambling into the rocks.

20131227-DSC01208-Edit-medium Bill helps Ellen and Vinnie through the most difficult section.

20131227-DSC01213-Edit-medium The wash stays narrow for a time prior to opening up.

20131227-DSC01226-Edit-medium From left to right are Deanne, Linda, Vinnie, Janet, Allen, Sandy, Bill, Ellen, Marilyn, Doug, Nick, and Bob:

20131227-DSC01235-Edit-medium Janet holds a branch aside for Marilyn through the brush.  (It’s not necessary to go through the brush — that’s just the way I went and most of the others followed.)

20131227-DSC01243-Edit-medium Hiking through more rocks in the wash…

20131227-DSC01253-medium A view of the wash looking towards the McDowells:

20131227-DSC01256-Edit-medium A view of Four Peaks from the Bluff Trail: