Owl Release at McDowell Mountain Park


Amy released a pair of owls at the Nursery Tank on Saturday night.  These were young owls who had been either injured or abandoned.  Amy hopes that these owls will stay in the park, hopefully near the Nursery Tank.

This is Nick, the male owl.

20131214-_DSC2432-Edit-medium 20131214-_DSC2442-Edit-medium 20131214-_DSC2449-Edit-medium Holly, the female owl is bigger, though I didn’t get a shot of her spreading her wings.

20131214-_DSC2455-medium 20131214-_DSC2461-medium 20131214-_DSC2466-medium 20131214-_DSC2473-medium 20131214-_DSC2480-medium 20131214-_DSC2486-medium Holly was reluctant to leave.  Amy had to try a few times to get her to go.

20131214-_DSC2497-medium 20131214-_DSC2499-mediumThis shot was taken a moment or two before she flew away.