These are Marilyn’s photos of Double Arch and the surrounding area, taken on June 7, 2013. The last two photos in this group were taken near the North Window.

20130607-DSC05256_7_8-2-medium 20130607-DSC05271_2_3-medium 20130607-DSC05277_8_9-medium 20130607-DSC05280_1_2-medium 20130607-DSC05283_4_5-medium 20130607-DSC05311_2_3-medium In this photo below, Marie is standing close to the vantage point for photographing Turret Arch through the North Window.  When I took my photograph of those features the next morning, I set my tripod up on the little mound of rock right of Marie in this photo.  To get there, you have to climb down a short ways from where Marie is and then climb up on that mound.


I think the South Window is just visible in this photo, off to the right.  I think Marilyn had climbed up to where Marie is standing in the previous picture to get this shot.