Marilyn and Marie hiked up to Delicate Arch late on the afternoon of June 5.  Marilyn took photos of Delicate Arch as the sun was setting.

Marilyn took this shot as she was waiting.  There were a lot of photographers there; if you get there too late, you won’t get a good spot!

20130605-DSC04498_499_500-2-mediumMarilyn took a lot of shots of Delicate Arch as the sun was setting.  I liked some of the shots better when the arch was still in some sunlight.  I thought the photos of the arch in complete shade were less interesting.  Here is one of the ones I liked:

20130605-DSC04564_5_6-mediumMarie also took photos, both of the hike up to Delicate Arch and photos of the arch and its surroundings too.

This is a photo of a bridge near Wolfe Ranch.  This site is the remains of the homestead and corrals established by in 1888 by John Wolfe with his son Fred.


Part of one of the fences at Wolfe Ranch.20130605-DSC01351_2_3-mediumA view of the cabin at Wolfe Ranch:


Another view from Wolfe Ranch:

20130605-DSC01393_4_5-medium This bridge crosses over a creek near Wolfe Ranch.  It’s had water in it every time I’ve visited, so I think it’s likely a creek instead of a wash.


There are also petroglyphs in the area.

20130605-DSC01468-medium The trail leads up a short but steep hill shortly after leaving Wolfe Ranch.


A view from midway up the trail:

20130605-DSC01489_90_91-medium The trail crosses an expanse of slickrock.  It’s steeper than it looks in this photo.

20130605-DSC01497-medium A view of the walkway near Delicate Arch:

20130605-DSC01525_6_7-mediumIt’s possible to scramble up into another arch above the walkway.  Delicate Arch can be seen through this other arch.


Another view, but this time showing more of the arch.


I think this is another view from the arch.

20130605-DSC01718_19_20-medium Another view of the walkway leading to Delicate Arch:

20130605-DSC01724_5_6-medium Marie engaged in some “Street Photography” while at Delicate Arch.

20130605-DSC01760-medium 20130605-DSC01768-medium Marie took this photo of her shadow:


Just before sunset…