The Great River Bridge spans the Mississippi River, carrying traffic between Burlington, Iowa on the west and Gulport, Illinois on the east.  Below are photos of this bridge and some of the surrounding area.  My favorite is the last one of the bunch which was taken in late afternoon.

2013-11-01-DSC00384-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00417-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00429-1-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00474-medium

A grain elevator on the Illinois side is visible through one of the bridge supports.

2013-11-01-DSC00477-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00488-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00501-medium 2013-11-01-DSC00509-mediumThis is Big Muddy’s Bar and Grill.  I think I ate there once many years ago.2013-11-01-DSC00516-medium Looking northward up the Mississippi:

2013-11-01-DSC00528-medium This one was taken from the east end of Spring Street.  The Burlington Rail Bridge can be seen further south.