Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s hike started at the horse staging area near the entrance to the park.  I took this photo of the sunrise while we waited for everyone to arrive.


We walked across the road to the competitive track parking area and started by hiking part of the Technical Loop.  We branched off onto the Long Loop and then hiked up to Pemberton via Stoneman Wash.  We went through the Trailhead Staging Area on our way to the Scenic Trail.  After about a mile on the Scenic Trail, we turned right onto the trail taking us back to the Horse Staging Area.

Note: I do not recommend hiking the loops in the competitive track area.  They are one way tracks and mountain bikes take them pretty fast.  I warned everyone on the hike to listen for bikes and to be prepared to step off the trail quickly.


A view from early on the Technical Loop:


A view of Red Mountain in the distance.


One of the steep downhill sections on the Technical Loop.  It appeared in pretty good shape.  It often has a lot of loose rock on it.

2013-07-19-DSC03566-medium On our way to the tunnel going under the Sport Loop.


The tunnel…


Another view of Red Mountain.



Linda took this photo of me taking a picture.

2013-07-19-From_Linda-002-mediumWe had some cool clouds on Friday.

2013-07-19-DSC03652-medium Sarge leads the way, followed by Bob, Janet, Teresa, Marilyn, and Linda.


Chain Fruit Cholla on the Long Loop.


We saw this horny toad near the end of our hike on the Scenic Trail.