Freckles likes to go out on the balcony and then onto the roof.  We let her do this because, unlike our other cats, if given enough time, she’ll come back on her own.  Tiger and Callisto are not content with staying on the roof; they like to find ways to get down to the ground.

We lost sight of her when she went over the roof peak.  I walked around to the front of the house to check on her; she saw me and walked down to the edge of the roof to see me, meowing all the while.

2013-07-17-DSC03020 2013-07-17-DSC03032-medium She found a comfy shaded spot next to the skylight.

2013-07-17-DSC03058-medium It was a perfect vantage point from which to watch this bird:

2013-07-17-DSC030412013-07-17-DSC03083-medium 2013-07-17-DSC03086-medium

When it was time to come back inside, her mom scolded her for being away for so long.