Marilyn and I hiked the Sunrise Trail on Saturday afternoon, hiking all the way up to Sunrise Peak.  As we were hiking down from the peak, I took this photo of the sunset.

I got this photo earlier in the hike.  Red Mountain is visible about a third of the way over from the right edge of the photo.  The very tip of Weaver’s Needle is also barely visible in this photo.

Here, Marilyn is hiking ahead of me on the Sunrise Trail.

As I was hiking up, I noticed a large rock pile ahead.   It took a while to get to it, but this is what it looks like as the trail passes it.

A closer view of a few of the rocks in the above photo:

A view looking back down the trail.

Marilyn, hiking up the trail.

A view of the fountain in Fountain Hills.

Looking south from just below Sunrise Peak: