Today’s fitness hike started at the Trailhead Staging Area.  We hiked about a mile of the Pemberton to the Scenic.  We then hiked the ridgeline of the Scenic Trail and descended the big rocky hill towards the wash.  Just before entering the wash, we turned left onto the new trail which took us to the Horse Staging Area.  From there we crossed the main park road and hiked the service road, crossing the Sport Loop twice.  That dumped us into Stoneman Wash where we hiked back to Pemberton.  From there, we hiked nearly a mile back to the parking area.  Total distance was 7.1 miles.

There were five of us today: Janet, Bob, Linda, Marilyn, and me.

A view from the Scenic Trail:

Another view from the Scenic Trail.  Red Mountain is visible in both of these shots.