Mom and Dad:

I thought this photo below would make a nice shot. First of all, the tree looked fantastic in real life. It was wonderfully gnarly and twisted, just like trees in Tim Burton films.I’ll admit that the color has been boosted a little bit here, but it helps convey what it really looked like when I was there. Here, I was aiming to “frame” the photo with the tree and its shadows in the foreground, directing attention to the rosy rock fins.

My father taking a picture:

My parents atop a fin:

This was taken while I was going up one of the fins, near the end of the hike. Mom and Dad are in this one, and were wondering where I went.  It was a great opportunity to take a photo of them in this beautiful landscape. The view of the Double-O Arch (I think that’s what this is) in the background was very nice, too.

One of the fins that must be climbed on the way back from Double-O Arch: