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Friday Fitness Hike

Nora, Bob, and I hiked a loop of about 5 miles in the Tom’s Thumb area. Following mostly climber’s access trails, we¬†visited¬†Hog Heaven, the Thumbnail Pinnacle, the East End (which is the highest point in the McDowells), and Tom’s Thumb.

We’ve climbed out of Mesquite Canyon at this point and can see one of our intermediate destinations, Hog Heaven and the Thumbnail Pinnacle ahead.

Weaver’s Needle, the Flatiron, and Red Mountain are far off in the distance.

Nora pauses on a large boulder on our way to Hog Heaven.

We’re very close to Hog Heaven now. It’s up and to the left (out of the frame).

Nora and Bob make their way up past Hog Heaven, now on the way to the Thumbnail Pinnacle.

We tried to hike on solid rock, avoiding the loose gravel, for better footing. There are more cairns on this trail now, making it easier to stay off of the really loose stuff.

This is the Thumbnail Pinnacle from the bottom.

Nora and Bob pose in front of the Thumbnail Pinnacle.

This is the view looking towards Scottsdale.

Looking southwest, we can see Thompson Peak. The East End Trail is also visible in this photo.

Nora and Bob taking in the views. Notice that the Fountain is up and that the Thumbnail Pinnacle looks very different from this vantage point.

Another view towards the southwest as we hike the ridge line over to the East End (summit).

Nora, at the summit. Note that Tom’s Thumb can be seen in the background.

A view of Tom’s Thumb, Gardener’s Wall below it, and Pinnacle Peak at the far right.

Tom’s Thumb.

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